Lists processing

We provide analysis, segmentation, and scoring tools so that your customer knowledge allows you to initiate winning communication actions.

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Enrich your customer data

Appending a customer list allows us to find missing data such as the phone number, email, or postal address. Our enrichment sources, containing more than 25 million opt-in data, are updated monthly.  To enrich a customer list with email, it is necessary to give your client de possibility to unsubscribe (opt-out) before any other campaign, a service that we include in the appending offer.

Optimize your file by enriching it

In addition to telephone, postal address, or email, a file can also be enriched with secondary data such as civilities, gender if the first name is present (excluding mixed first names), and average age (first name score).

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Data Mining for your loyalty campaigns

Mass customer reactivation campaigns without prior segmentation, analysis, and calculation of the probability of purchase can lead to a huge waste when these customers are reactivated with mailings costing more than €1 each. In some cases, it is better to save the expense of reactivation and use it to increase the solicitation of the best customers and to recruit new ones who are statistically more likely to reach a very good customer level. Our mission is to also support you in making these decisions by providing you with the best business analysis tools.

ITL’s predictive score will classify your customers into groups of 2000 to 3000 homogeneous people.

From the most profitable to the least profitable (segments A, B, C, D…) with a performance forecast for each customer group.

This segmented marketing plan will take into account the cost of each solicitation and the financial performance of each segment in terms of margin after advertising. Segmentation based on predictive analysis using multiple indicators can only be done if these data are actually present in the customer database being analyzed. The segmentation must obviously take into account all the possible means of building loyalty: direct mail, telemarketing, and email offered by appending techniques.



Postal Address Processing

ITL has developed an expertise and a set of tools enabling our clients to have the best data quality and to confidently disseminate their messages or content. This allows them to manage marketing, financial and environmental issues related to data management.

Our team of experts can manage the following aspects:

  • Restructuring and standardization of your list (POSTAL ADDRESS VERIFICATION – RNVP)

With our POSTAL ADDRESS VERIFICATION (RNVP) solution, you can:

  • Optimize your marketing campaigns (lower dead letter mail /undeliverable mail rates)
  • You work on reliable and standardized addresses that meet the postal requirements.
  • Processing duplicates: deduplication and removal of duplicates
  • Processing undeliverable mail
  • In-depth processing of your databases