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ITL and the software publisher DAFI Informatique are part of the KLARSEN group entirely dedicated to providing direct marketing services.

ITL in numbers

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The consolidated turnover of 7.8 million euros in 2021.

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21 employees make up the ITL team.


Creation of ITL


Paul Adam joined ITL


ITL joined Eurodirect Marketing in 1988.


The Eurodirect Marketing Group was listed on the secondary market in July 1996.


Paul Adam creates the independent family holding company Padam Group which buys out ITL.


The data marketed or processed was mostly postal address lists, today all channels are available: postal addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses, but also package and press inserts.


ITL separates its software development activities for distance selling and e-commerce (Ebow) by taking control of DAFI based in Aubagne while at the same time involving its executives.
At the end of 2015, the ITL Group brand was born, which brings together all the direct marketing entities of which the group has a majority ownership in order to present a coherent and exhaustive data offer, namely the processing, commercialization, and analysis of personal data, in all its forms.


The DAFI teams based in Aubagne come to Alsace


ITL and its subsidiaries are acquired by KLARSEN (based in Bordeaux), a French specialist in data marketing. As an offline data specialist, ITL strengthens and expands its online data offering with a strong and comprehensive offering across both channels. This marks the creation of the Klarsen Group.

39 years' experience

ITL and the software publisher DAFI Informatique are part of the KLARSEN group entirely dedicated to providing direct marketing services.. 

A specialized group.

The different businesses of this family group meet the very broad needs of any distance selling or direct selling activity, from marketing strategy, prospecting data, data processing tools, and multi-channel media to ERP management integrating a CRM tool.

Prospecting data specialists.

Recruiting new customers requires prospecting; prospecting data is part of our DNA as a list manager, DNA that has been in total mutation for the past several years with the advent of digital, and more recently, the explosion of omnichannel. This is a very broad vision that we must have in order to always offer new media to test.  It is through testing and detailed analysis of the results that an advertiser can optimize its strategy and decide on which media to speed up or slow down.


exclusive lists

ITL has a large selection of multi-channel prospecting lists

million emails

For your acquisition, lead generation, and enrichment operations



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